Dear Windcraft friends,

for the past few months we were following the COVID-19 updates carefully, in order to make a responsible decision regarding the realization of the Windcraft Music Fest 7 on the dates initially announced – 7th and 8th August 2020 in Katydata. Under today’s circumstances and with a strong sense of responsibility, we have decided to put Windcraft Music Fest 7 on hold, until better winds blow.

The main reasons that led to this decision are:

1. Health & Safety

It is important to ensure the health and safety of visitors, artists, staff, volunteers and of course the residents of the village. Although epidemiological data in recent days have raised optimism, mass gatherings are still a risk factor for the spread of the virus. In addition, no matter how many security measures are taken, we cannot imagine a festival with masks and distances.

2. Compliance with decrees

To date, it has not been officially announced when and how mass gatherings will be allowed - a fact that does not allow for timely and proper preparation for the festival, according to government decrees.

3. A festival for all

WMF is a festival that brings together people from all communities, countries and age groups. With airports and checkpoints partly closed and vulnerable groups at risk, many people are excluded from the festival for various reasons. This would stand in the way of one of the most important goals of the event: the interaction of cultures and generations.

4. Programme and quality

Despite their flexibility, willingness and improvisational skills, both the artists and the production team are challenged to prepare in the narrow time margins left. In order to ensure the quality of the concerts, the workshops and the whole event and not to compromise on the programme due to movement restrictions and lack of time, it was deemed necessary to postpone the festival.

Always in line with the developments of the pandemic in Cyprus and in the world, the next Windcraft Music Fest will take place as soon as possible - summer or winter, in the city or in the village - and it will be as magical as the previous ones!

The Windcraft Music Fest Team


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